Scrum Master Learning Journey

with veteran practitioners Zvonimir Durcevic & Robert Finan

Learning Journey

The Scrum Master Learning Journey mixes intensive days of onsite theory with the chance to put it directly into practice. The theory days will inspire you with new ideas which you can use with your own Scrum teams. There will also be individual goals and team assignments to work on between the learning days. The hands-on weeks will be supported with Lean Coffee and mentoring for the team assignments.

Individual and Team assignments in the “hands-on” phases.

Topics that we'll look at



There’s not much that these two veterans of agile haven’t seen, heard or done. Between them they have over 50 years worth of experience in the world of IT and Agile. They’ve had management and developer roles, been trained and been trainers, delivered major products and minor projects, coached all levels of the organization – as well as each other. They’ve seen Agile done well and badly and they’ve stuck to their beliefs even if has meant having to move on.

Zvonimir Durcevic & Robert Finan


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Milena Krnjic, Training Coordination

Milena Krnjic, Training Coordination

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